Over-labelling Service

One of the specialised services that Insignia Labels provides is an over-labelling process to mask pre-printed errors on packaging. This service saves money and with high-accuracy placement and the use of labels with a black-out permanent adhesive, no-one will ever know what lies beneath!

The benefits of this service includes:

• Rapid turnaround service – minimises delays and disruption to the supply chain process, which may be critical with perishable products.

• Economical - cost savings from avoiding waste, scrapping packaging, extra labour costs, re-prints and avoiding fines from retailers.

• Environmental – from an environmental perspective its better to produce lots of small labels to correct a print problem than to have to replace large quantities of packaging sleeves/cartons.

• Attention to detail - when over-labelled the labels correct the print errors on the pack to ensure there is no noticeable pack change for the consumer, giving you total peace of mind.

• Precision placement - applied by machinery or by hand, labels are placed in the correct position.

• Return to client – Insignia can arrange to return the amended packaging to your premises as part of the service.

This specialised service allows you to correct errors or make late changes to pack information, without the need to re-print the packaging, with significant positive implications for the supply chain:

• Avoid retailers imposing huge fines if sales or production processes are held up.

• Protect your customer relationships by ensuring that packaging errors are corrected promptly.

• The cost and time to re-print packaging can be prohibitive.

• Minimise the environmental issues by eliminating the need to dispose of lots of waste packaging.

Insignia labels can also provide a service to ensure your existing packaging complies with changes to legislation, so if for example you need to apply Braille labels, holograms or warning symbols arising from changes in packaging legislation, then instead of discarding old cartons or sleeves we can over-label your remaining stock and ensure your compliance with packaging legislation and save you money.

We also supply labels on reels with black out permanent adhesive to correct errors on brochures, leaflets, college prospectuses, journals or any other type of printed document.

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