Fine Quality Work

Digital label printing offers various benefits over traditional flexographic label printing processes which print from plates and flatten the dots of colour so the solid colour density is limited and highlight tints and tones tend to cut-off before achieving the designed half-tone effect. Digital label printing technology photo-statically attracts particles of toner to the web (labelstock) without the constraints of a carrier plate so the solid colours are dense and vignettes taper down to almost 0% highlight.

Fine text and colour illustrations digitally printed on quality label stock are images made from dots of process colour( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and the Key colour Black referred to as CMYK) and arranged in rosettes. The individual process colours are applied in size and density proportions defined in artwork files so Blue under a magnifying glass can be seen to be made from mainly cyan and magenta dots ; Green is yellow and cyan; Red is magenta and yellow etc. The dots are small and our eye merges the dots into colour solids and tints.

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