The Digital Solution

Over the past few years, the label industry has started to embrace the new digital print technology that has made significant inroads into the general print market. Consequently, digitally printed labels are now the fastest growing sector of the self adhesive label industry and the tailored solutions the technology offers is ideally suited to smaller runs of 10,000 custom labels or less which offers significant opportunities in procurement methods and changes the way buyers are purchasing their labels. Digital printing produces crisp, photographic quality graphics, and variable printing technology opens up great new creative possibilities for your custom labels.

When you order digital labels from Insignia Labels, you get:

• The highest quality labels. We use only the best label materials, including toners and coatings to deliver crisp text and graphics.

• Personalised attention. Your dedicated customer service representative is here to help you through every step of the label buying process.

• Fast and Flexible service. Need something unique? Let us know! No order is too big or too small, and we can work with urgent orders too.

Insignia Labels is the fastest growing digital label printer in the country and we understand the complexities of managing a successful labelling program and provide the quality, consistency and rapid turn-around times necessary to ensure that your labelling objectives are met.


Digitally printed labels are vibrant high-quality labels so if you're new to custom labels, or considering making the switch from flexographic labels to digital labels, we've listed below the advantages digital label printing offers over traditional label printing methods.

Quick Turnaround

Digital label printing doesn't require expensive plates – so you don't have to pay for a printing plate for each colour in your label. No plates also means a shorter setup time so your labels are printed faster. Custom labels printed on a digital label press can be printed in less time, so you receive your labels faster, typically 3-4 working days. High Quality – When it comes to product labels, vibrant high-quality graphics grab the most attention. Our digital label press prints at a resolution of almost double that of traditional flexographic labels. Your labels will have crisp clear images and life-like colours.


No plates and less time setting up presses means costs for digital label printing are very low for short run labels as compared to flexographic labels. Short Run Labels Capability - This cost benefit is maximized for relatively small quantities of custom labels or "short run labels". Another savings with digital label printing - you can order only the product labels you need right now, rather than ordering custom labels in bulk simply to get the best price.

Design Flexibility

In order to be competitive, you need to constantly improve your product label designs. The cost of reprinting labels can be prohibitive due to plate charges and setup fees. If you have multiple product label designs, costs can add up even quicker. Again, with digital label printing there are no plate or setup fees, so we can start printing your new custom labels right away.

With digital label printing, you can print 1,000 custom labels and each individual label could contain different information. This is known as variable data printing. Variable data printing opens up great new creative possibilities for your custom labels: you can add names from a database, consecutive numbers, multiple barcodes, or even print multiple versions of the same label!

Digital printing means we have no minimum order quantity and we don't charge a premium for a short run so if you want to market test a product, need promotional or seasonal labels, want to offer your customers a completely bespoke tailored own brand service or are a small or start-up business then digital print is ideal.

We can produce digital labels from a myriad of different materials; papers, white or clear polypropylene, polyesters, polyethylene's, industrial vinyl's, blockout substrates and specialised security materials using a variety of permanent, peelable or innovative adhesives and whilst traditional label printing methods mean you very rarely get to see what you are buying before it arrives, the digital solution includes the ability to produce a full press proof or small prototype run, using your artwork, printed on the actual substrate the job will be on.

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