Variable Data Printing

One of the best features of digital label printing is the ability to print variable or sequential information onto self adhesive labels. With digital label printing, you can print 1,000 customised labels and each individual label could contain different information. This is known as variable data printing.

Variable data printing opens up great new creative possibilities for your customised labels: you can add names from a database, consecutive numbers, multiple barcodes, or even print multiple versions of the same label!

We have a wealth of experience in printing labels using the different formats of variable coding. If you can supply us with an Excel spreadsheet of; alpha data, numeric data, alphanumeric codes, or a database of information such as names, addresses or job titles our experts can incorporate this into the label print process. We can also print consecutive barcodes on the digital press which can be any size or any number of digits and to give you total flexibility, you can start your numbering on any number and end on any number. Our bespoke software can manipulate the most complex of information – every label can be unique, even on runs of hundreds of thousands.

Unlike other methods of variable printing, the images are not limited to black. Our digital presses can print the information in full colour – so the possibilities really are endless, and as the variable data that we digitally print is part of the primary print process - its fused to the label and so if the application demands it, it can be covered by an over-laminating plastic film for long term durability and protection from harsh environments.

Variable data is used in many different applications and we can produce a multitude of different products:

• Promotional

• Peel and Reveal and Multi Ply with Variable Coding

• Variable Coding On Adhesive Side

• Variable Barcoding

• Unique Product ID

• Variable Coding + Scratch Off Panel

• Variable Coding On Window Stickers

• Permits

• Shipping and Tracking

• Asset Numbering

• Mailing

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