Asset Tracking and Identification Labels

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Companies and Organisations need to track the location of their valuable assets such as computers, office equipment or plant and machinery. Asset tracking and identification labels and tags provide the perfect solution and our extensive range means we have the right product to meet your requirements.

All of our asset tracking labels, track-and-trace labels and tags, warehouse labels, durable product labels, thermal labels and component identification labels can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, colours and designs and dependent upon the construction of the label can be varied to be; tamper-evident, tamper-proof or tear-proof, chemical or waterproof, durable or easily removable. Insignia Labels can turn the label or tag into a high security product through the use of specialist papers, inks or printing methods as well as incorporating holograms onto the label or tag.

In a world of copying and counterfeiting, the use of labels and tags which incorporate these specialist security printing techniques enable our customers to; offer security of product provenance, to protect brand equity values and give their customers peace of mind when buying their products.

Our asset tracking and identification labels and tags can include for example; any text, image, bar-code or Company or Organisation data or product technical data and can be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

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