Blood Bag Labels

blood bag labels

We are a leading supplier of digitally printed blood bag labels, which is an application requiring one of the most precise and accurate bar-coding tracking systems to identify the product to a particular patient and provide a 100% accurate audit trial and all of this when the product is being used in an emergency situation.

Because of the problems caused by the constant migration of the various plasticizers such as DIDP from the flexible PVC blood bag which cause the label adhesive to soften, specialist adhesives are required for direct contact to the bag. To ensure that this plasticiser migration does not adversely impact on the integrity of the label, each blood bag or infusion bag carries two labels; the first label is applied during the manufacturing process and then once the bags are in use, a new second label is applied over the existing label incorporated into the bag during its manufacture. This secondary labelling takes place after the bags have been filled with blood at blood centres or hospitals. These labels are used to provide the variable data about the blood and its storage requirements, use by dates and its tracking information.

Insignia Labels offer a range of top coated synthetic blood bag labels, all of which feature high quality permanent acrylic adhesives, meeting FDA Guidelines for Uniform Labelling of Blood and Blood Components.

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