Cable and Wire Identification Labels

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Cable wrap labels, which facilitate the easy identification of cables and wires and are a better alternative than 'flag markers' which can tear or degrade, or they can be used in an environment where something more discreet is required.

These labels incorporate a white (or other coloured) portion which holds the cable or wires identifier information, and a clear 'tail'. The principle behind these labels is simple; just apply at 90 degrees to the cable so that the clear 'tail' self laminates around the cable and the white (or coloured) portion holding the identifier information. This ensures a permanent seal which prevents moisture or water ingress, tearing or scuffing and allows its use in an outdoor environment.

We specialise in providing high quality, cost effective cable wrap labels in any size, shape or colour in small to medium sized runs.

The size of the information area on our cable and wire identification labels can be customised and the label can be supplied either blank (plain) or pre-printed with information including for example; any text, product technical data, logo or image, variable data or batch or serial numbers, barcodes or dates and can be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements and the background colour can even be co-ordinated with a particular cable to enhance its identification.

Insignia Labels supply a wide range of either pre-printed or plain cable wraps and our large selection of wire and cable marking products allows you to choose the optimal identification solution to satisfy your requirements.

These wire marking labels can be manufactured from a wide range of specialist materials to meet your exact specifications as either pre-printed or plain labels, allowing you to overprint or write on additional information, and are available as either self adhesive wraparound labels or as non adhesive tags.

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