Digital High Temperature Labels

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We are a leading supplier of digitally printed high temperature labels, where both the substrate and the adhesive can withstand temperatures up to 400°C. These specialist labels are widely used across industries such as; the baking industry, the pottery and ceramics industry, the engineering industry, the motor industry where they are often used for applications such as under bonnet labelling, the steel industry and by the electronics industry during for example the building of printed circuit boards (PCB's).

Our full colour high temperature labels can include for example; any image or logo, product technical data, usage or storage instructions, variable batch numbers, barcodes, dates or sequential numbering and can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

Insignia Labels produce a range of high temperature labels manufactured from high temperature resistant label stock which can withstand operating temperatures up to 400°C and will remain in place and legible throughout the manufacturing, baking or assembly process. The smooth, matt white surface of the label also facilitates very accurate thermal transfer printing to produce high-density barcodes, and ensure positive identification at all times. This in turn aids product logistics and tracking of data, potentially minimising warranty claims and maintaining quality standards.

These digitally printed high temperature labels are manufactured from a range of specialist materials such as polyester, vinyl, polypropylene or Kapton (the polyimide film developed by DuPont and used as the outside layer of space suits).

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