Fragranced Labels

We are a leading supplier of fragranced labels which are also known as 'scratch and sniff' labels, which are produced by encapsulating a fragrance within a coating on the label. When pressure is applied, for example by a finger, the capsules in the fragranced label coating break releasing the fragrance.

Insignia Labels specialise in providing high quality, cost effective fragranced labels in any size, shape or colour in small to medium sized runs. Our full colour fragranced labels can include for example; any logo or image, text, product data, usage or storage instructions or website addresses and can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

Fragranced labels are ideally suited as promotional give-aways or for inclusion in a magazine, on-pack promotions, or for launching new products. They are widely distributed through glossy magazines to provide the readers with a sample of a new perfume as they can accurately reproduce the product's aroma. They are also used by online perfumeries who can send a range of these labels with different fragrances to prospective clients who are not certain of the product they wish to purchase and they are often used in the retail sector at the point of sale to allow prospective customers the opportunity to sample the fragrance without the need to open a stock item.

Many oil based fragrances, perfumes and essences can be micro encapsulated and using our expertise and specialised coating techniques, can be applied your fragranced labels to give that extra dimension.

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