Thermochromic Labels

thermochromic labels

Insignia Labels are a leading supplier of thermochromic labels, where the colours of the print on the label are temperature dependent. These labels are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as security products where the label changes colour when in contact with body heat, or in the promotions industry to indicate a winning ticket as an alternative to scratch off labels.

Other applications are in the food and drink industries to confirm for example that chilled foods are stored within a pre-determined temperature range, with the label changing colour if the temperature has risen above a pre-determined maximum to indicate potential food poisoning risks or for beer bottle labels where part of the label changes colour when the beer is within an optimal temperature range.

Other applications may be a manufacturing process where the products must attain a specific temperature during the manufacturing process.

Our thermochromic labels are a highly visible and cost effective way to monitor temperatures and can be personalised to suit your individual requirements.

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