Ultra-Destructible Labels

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One of the most popular types of security labels are tamper seals or ultra-destructible labels. They are manufactured using ultra destructible materials such as a vinyl or acetate, which break into tiny pieces when any attempt is made to remove the label, making it ideal for deterring theft of property, security sealing, sealing forensic samples, providing tamper evidence or detecting and deterring unauthorised access or product substitution.

These labels are manufactured by combining a very weak and brittle substrate with an aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label disintegrates into many small pieces if any attempt is made to remove it ensuring that the label cannot be removed and reapplied.

Ultra-destructible labels have a variety of uses from protecting the integrity of high value goods such as computers or other electrical or electronic equipment or personal, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medicines or medical items, to being applied to security seal cabinets, doors and boxes to deter unauthorised access, to being applied to computer cases to show attempts at component theft or swapping or to security seal sensitive data storage disks and backups. Insignia Labels can even supply ultra-destructible labels to seal aircraft whilst they are parked at an airport to indicate any attempt at unauthorised access for terrorist or other purposes.

Insignia Labels specialise in providing high quality, cost effective ultra-destructible labels in any size, shape or colour in small to medium sized runs. Our ultra-destructible labels can include for example; any image, variable batch numbers, usage or storage instructions, product technical data, bar-codes, dates or sequential numbering and can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements. Insignia Labels can supply the labels either completely pre-printed or plain for subsequent overprinting of variable information such as barcodes, batch numbers etc. These labels ensure that you can see clearly if your goods have been opened, to help you protect both your customer and your brand equity value. In today's world, counterfeiting or copying is a major problem for many manufacturers and our ultra-destructible labels are a useful weapon in your armoury to protect your company and your brands.

The ultra-destructible labels can be printed to portray a "security message" an exclusive "premium product look", a "high tech" look, or whatever image you want to portray on the label to add a unique touch to your brands or assets.

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