Wash-Off or Dissolvable Labels

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We are a leading supplier of a range of specialist wash off or dissolvable labels using adhesives and materials that will dissolve and disintegrate in water. These vanishing labels do exactly that….. VANISH! The labels and adhesive completely wash off and leave absolutely NO residue on your equipment, products or in the washer and can be legally disposed off down the sink leaving nothing to clog up your drains!

These 100% biodegradable, FDA-compliant wash-off or dissolvable labels are easily removed in a single rinse cycle at any water temperature; cold or hot, and can even be wiped off with a damp sponge.

Wash-off labels can be laser printed and can be supplied in any colour, shape or size on rolls with different finishes, and produced using different materials and adhesives.

These labels are suited to many applications such as; bottle labels where the bottle is recovered and re-used, in a warehouse to reduce the number of staff hours needed for scraping, peeling or cleaning with acetone to remove labels and adhesive residue on cages, racks, containers etc.

Our wash-off or dissolvable labels can include for example; any text, image or logo, serial numbers, batch numbers or your Company name and can be personalised to suit your needs or branding requirements.

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